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Did you ever have one of those moments where you had the sudden realization that you might be wrong about something you were pretty firm on. I might be having one of those right now. See, there’s something I’ve been lamenting in our culture for several years that my faith is making me reexamine. I’ve been highly critical over the mentality in recent years of “everybody” gets a trophy. You know, people don’t want any child to feel left out so rather than recognizing individual achievement, everyone gets a participation trophy, just for “showing up.” In theory, I hate that idea, because it fails to deal with the realities of life, or does it?

Think about Christianity. Christianity offers the greatest prize ever, eternal life in a paradise that defies even the most fertile imagination, and yet what do we have to do to receive it? Essentially one thing, believe. We receive God’s greatest reward not due to some stellar effort but by grace through faith. We simply need to place our faith and trust in Christ. He is the only one worthy of the prize, yet He gave all who believe the ability to receive what He alone earned. Maybe everybody gets a trophy is not as bad as I thought, at least as a metaphor for faith.

I’m still not sure it works in sports.