Archive for June 20, 2019

I am writing this from the screened in porch next to a nice pond with a bubbling fountain at the place we rented for our vacation. I just finished my morning Scripture reading from the chaotic book of 2 Kings and the adventures of Paul from Acts 18. It’s almost ironic that I am reading about such upheaval while in such a serene place, but that’s what vacation is supposed to be, right? The chaos in the world around you still exists, but time away recharges us for what lies ahead.

What lies ahead for me? Well the stuff I know about is exciting. I’m heading into a busy season of ministry. One of the busiest I have had so far, and that excites me. There is much work to be done, both at the church and “on the road” and there is a real temptation to dig into it even now, but I find I must resist that, and depend on the Lord. I need to be present for my family, they deserve no less. Over the next two months, Lord willing, there is a lot of travel in store and there will be some time apart. I need to invest this time in them and in rejuvenating me. Just because I love what I do, does not mean I don’t get tired. I’ve often wished I’d have had this life in my 20s when I was more energetic, but that’s a pointless exercise. I was nowhere near ready. Even today, this all depends on God.

God has blessed me tremendously and I praise Him. I praise Him for busyness, because it provides the opportunity to bear fruit for the Kingdom. Please pray that I will be used to do just that. I also praise God for this time away. Please pray that I will use it well and come away recharged.