The other night I had a dream. In the dream a woman came to me telling me about a book the Lord laid on her heart to write. It was weird, as dreams often are, but it felt like this same woman had come to me before, maybe in other dreams, telling me about this same book. I made the promise to her that if she wrote the book I would move heaven and earth to help her get the book published. I would champion her cause.

Now the truth is, I have written and/or illustrated quite a few books and have self-published them, so that part I probably could actually do for her. Where I have always struggled is in getting the self published books to sell. Most of the books I have sold have been sold after my speaking engagements, and even this has been sporadic and that’s when it hit me. We could all use a champion. We could all use others to help bring our creative dreams, not to mention callings, to reality. I could help someone get their book ready to publish and even to self publish, but from there I could really use a marketer to take it to the next level and get those books into the hands of people who need to read them.

Similarly, I was speaking with a young friend online the other day, who desires to be a speaker. She has had some experiences that could be used to benefit a lot of people. We got into a conversation and I laid out some tips and ideas that would help her refine her message and begin to make the connections to begin getting her message out. Now that’s not to say everything is one size fits all, and she has a lot of left work to do, but I was at least able to give a little direction from my point of view.

What if we all did that? It’s really not that difficult. You have a piece of the puzzle that someone else is missing. It might even be the piece that completes the picture. I would love to figure out how to build this into a community of champions where people can come and say, “Here’s my vision. Here’s where I’m stuck. Who can help?” This is ultimately “Body of Christ” stuff. We are more together than we are apart. So how about it?

Any champions out there?

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