It’s an expression I find myself using all the time. “In the ideal world this would happen or that would happen.” The ideal world is this mystical place where all the stars align and everything goes perfectly, every time. I’m here today to tell you that there is an ideal world and people are dying to get there. Unfortunately that’s the only way to get there. The ideal world is called Heaven and this ain’t it. Here on earth, things are often less than ideal. Things go wrong, or just don’t line up the way they should. There are problems and struggles, annoyances and catastrophes. We clearly do not live in the ideal world and the question to be considered is what do we do with that?

Some tend to wait until everything lines up and things are as close to ideal as they can possibly be. While that is the optimal place to get things done, life doesn’t often work out that way. Fortunately there is a better solution—that is to get to work when things are less than ideal. Of course we want to take full advantage of ideal situations when they occur, but success is often found when we buckle down when things are less than ideal and do it anyway.

Think about the people we admire most. Why do we admire them? Because everything was easy and everything went their way? No. Because they came up against tremendous obstacles, persevered and overcame them. People so often assume that the blessing of God on a person’s life is revealed in the ease of their lives. This negates the examples of people like Moses, David, Paul and even Jesus. God never promised an ideal world on this side of the grave (well at least not since we blew it in the Garden) what He promised was to go with us through the world we have.

This world is not ideal, but great things are still possible and those of us who stay in the fight, follow our Lord, walk in faith and persevere are best suited to point people beyond this world to the One who will take us to the ideal world.

In the mean time keep at it! You’re not alone.

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