Archive for June 3, 2019

My denomination, has been quite divided for quite some time. In an effort to repair the rift, the leadership has decided to bring us together to discuss and pray about what they call the compelling vision. The idea is, rather than focus on what divides us, to focus on what unites us. It sounds good in principle and I do hope there is a way to come together, but as I was praying this morning, I was reminded of why I do what I do in the first place. I think it makes a pretty great compelling vision, and my prayer is that the whole church can at least agree on this.

Man, what a book! If you’re looking for a soft, easy, feel-good read, this might not be your book. Ravenhill writes with a power and a passion that is sorely missing and sorely needed in our day. This book holds about a conviction a page, maybe more and will challenge the reader to his or her core. I did not necessarily agree with him on every point, I thought him too harsh on Catholicism for example, but when it comes to the need for prayer, deep passionate prayer, for revival, holiness in the church and especially the clergy, I resonated completely. This is a life changing book, and will no doubt be a book I will return to often. This is a no-nonsense book from a man who desired to see God’s Kingdom come, and His will done. I came away from reading it very convicted and yet extremely inspired. I cannot overstate how important this book is to the church in general. I highly recommend this book.