Book Review: This Is How We Pray by Adam Dressler

Posted: May 26, 2019 in books

This is one of those books I received from the publisher for free in exchange for review, but to be honest, I would have been glad to have paid full price for it, and am really grateful to have found it. The reason is simple. I have read quite a few books on prayer and they have always sort of left me either wanting or feeling inadequate. They either offered “one size fits all” formulas that didn’t quite fit, or they made me feel like I was an incompetent pray-er unworthy of so much. This is How We Pray is different. For starters Adam Dressler is honest to a fault about the struggles he faces in prayer. I haven’t met many people who really feel like their prayer life is all it should be, and I certainly do not. It’s okay, maybe even good, but it’s nowhere near where I want it to be. I think the subtitle of the book sums up what Dressler and I and so many others really desire. Discovering a Life of Intimate Friendship with God.

Dressler handles this masterfully, showing us genuine friendship with God that does not diminish God’s greatness, Holiness or anything else. Dressler’s chapters each have a one word title that relates (mostly) to the struggles we face. He expounds on struggles such as distractions, guilt, disappointment and worry. He also deals with what friendship with God looks like as well as essential topics such as repentance and forgiveness. Using a combination of biblical, personal and literary examples, Dressler fleshes out what we face as we reach toward a deeper relationship with God. The last chapter, Simple, deals with some things to be considered, (tips?) that can be used to enhance our prayer life. It’s not one size fits all, just some simple things that we can try. I loved this book and was blessed thoroughly by it. This is one of those books I will return to and read at a slower pace, so I can glean more from it. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has ever struggled with prayer and desired a more intimate walk with God.

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