My wife found a podcaster/blogger/coach/etc. who communicates on a topic that really interests her. My wife has shared this person’s content with me from time to time and I have to admit she is very interesting, but it’s not just her content that interests me. It’s the sheet volume of it. This person is a content generation fiend, and I have to admit I’m impressed. It’s not just the volume she generates, (which is staggering) but it is clear, she does her homework and she has clearly become an expert in her field. Not only that, she has a strong consistent message and is building a pretty strong business around it. She is clearly helping a lot of people and I have to admit I’m impressed, and a little daunted. This is the kind of thing I have been trying to do, but at times I feel like I have been inconsistent and in fact, at times, I have been.

Now clearly, I generate a volume of work. Between the various things I do, I work a lot and I generate a lot of content. Creating messages, sermons, posts, and a ton of art across several platforms in this quest to get people creating, and especially creating to the glory of God, is a passion for me and I love it, but it feels like there is an element that is missing if I want to be honest. Tonight something hit me, and I am hoping it will hit you as well.

Think about the title of this piece. Content Generation. The first assumption is that it’s about generating content, but it could have a secondary meaning. Content as in finding contentment and generation as in a generation of people. Somehow I think both meanings are interconnected. What if, as communicators, (and we’re all communicators) our content generation could be used to create a content generation? At it’s core, I am beginning to realize that is exactly the purpose of what we do. This communicator my wife follows has found an area where thousands, maybe millions are discontented, and she has made it her mission to help people to meet their goals and find contentment. Isn’t that what we’re really all trying to do?

Personally, I think my discontentment at the moment (and I am fairly content overall) is found in a question. Clearly I am doing a lot of work and generating a lot of content, but is it really helping or am I just “scratching my own itch” (my need to create and be creative)? And so tonight, I am asking a question that I hope will help me to focus and more importantly help you.

Is my content generation helping to create a content generation?

In other words, what is the discontentment I am trying to help others to overcome? Once we have answered that question we have a filter with which to test our efforts. This will help us to hone our messages and refine our efforts, so that more of our time will be spent on mission, or more simply put, it will help us focus. And who couldn’t use a little more of that?

Stay tuned.

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