I know I’ve been on this whole track of encouragement, but there is a painful truth all creatives need to consider. In any given pursuit here will always be someone better than you. Sorry, but it’s a fact of life and that leaves us with a choice. There are essentially three things we can do when we see someone better than us. The first two are not helpful.

You can get discouraged. Given enough time, the end result of this will most likely be giving up, or beating yourself up, neither of which is what God wants for us.

You can also lash out. Acting as if some great injustice has occurred. Given enough time this will have you looking at this other person as a competitor or even an enemy. You’ll start to think things like, “Of course he’s better than me, he has this advantage…” or “She’s not so great…” or worse. This could make you feel like a victim or just plain bitter. Again, this is not beneficial.

But what if instead of these things, we chose to see the person as an inspiration, someone who makes us want to be better and grow in our skills. Rather than feeling competitive, we cheer them on, we’re glad when they get ahead and realize that they are being used in great ways. This is clearly a much better way to live.

At the end of the day, the only thing you are really responsible for is being the best you you can be, faithfully making the most of what you’ve been given. The choice is yours, but this is clearly the best one.

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