Archive for April 2, 2019

I did this piece for a stations of the Cross exhibit. It’s for the station where Pilate condemns Jesus. Here’s my statement that goes with it. Jesus’ interaction with Pontius Pilate always makes me reflect on Pilate’s question “What is Truth?” It just seems to ironic as Truth personified is staring him in the face. As I began to dwell on Pilate condemning Jesus to die, while my passage was from Luke, my thoughts went to Matthew’s gospel, with Pilate washing his hands of Jesus’ blood and the crowd’s prophetic reply, “His blood is on us and on our children.” This began to suggest a flow, the water that he thought cleansed his hands and his guilt, turning to blood, which turns to the iron nail that pierced his hand which caused His saving blood to be shed on us all. I decided the best way to show this flow was via video.