Did you ever feel blocked creatively? Like the flow of ideas has just been cut off? I have a few things you may want to check.

1. Are you overly tired? Running ragged only lasts for so long, and remember this is from a guy who called his ministry AMOK! Sooner or later we all have to rest. Maybe you just need to take a little break. There’s no shame in it, as a matter of fact God commanded it in the “big ten.” Don’t bother telling me we’re not under the law but under grace on this one—trust me, rest is grace.

2.Are you over booked? I’m sort of in this phase right now. I booked too many things in a short period of time and the result is a million thoughts racing through my mind and a lack of focus and concentration.

3. Are you taking care of yourself? Living on three hours of sleep and copious amounts of caffeine and sugar (or worse) is a recipe for disaster. Take it from someone who lived it. You need to fuel yourself properly. Are you fueling yourself or fooling yourself.

4. Are you procrastinating on your call? Why would God give you another idea if you haven’t done the one He has already called you to?

5. Are you in sin? God is under no obligation to support a lifestyle of which He does not approve. His grace, mercy, love and righteousness, all prohibit it and for that you should be grateful. Check yourself.

Now assuming none of these is the issue, here’s what I recommend. Pray, pray harder and then pray some more and if none of the above is revealed, then start. Just doodle, or sketch or write whatever comes to mind and see what happens. This post was created in just that way, oh and by the way as I was working on the list, I got convicted on a few of them (namely 1 through 3) so learn from my mistakes.

You’re welcome.

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