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This year, I am going to post creative challenges from God’s Word, the idea is simple, read the passage and create something based on it.

Well I dropped the ball yesterday, so sorry about that. Things have been a little busy here of late. Yesterday in addition to my usual church work, I was finishing up work on a Deacon’s Retreat I’m presenting tomorrow. So I think today I am going to take you to the text I am using to see what you can do with it.

Ephesians 4:11-17

The passage talks about leadership gifts and how they are to be used in the Body of Christ. What in this passage stands out to you and how might you express it to the people around you.

Every so often, I just want to check in with you, the readers, to find out what’s happening in your world and especially your ministries. What are you creating? What great things are happening in your life and ministry? Also things like what questions do you have? Is there anything I can help with?

Keep me posted, I always like hearing from you.

God bless,