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This is going to sound as if I am contradicting my previous posts, but that is not the case. This is more about how, where and with whom to share the idea. Let me say it this way. There are people with whom you can share a fledgling idea and there are others that you cannot. People who are likeminded and visionary can help you take a fledgling idea to the next level. They can envision a future where your idea is alive and flourishing and they will provide encouragement and sometimes considerably more to you quest to bring the dream into reality. These people are great “sounding boards” and all creatives need a few of these.

Then there are others. If you bring them a fledgling idea, they just can’t see it. Instead they go to the negative side of what I call the “What If Spectrum.” Unable to see the possibilities, they instead see all the potential problems, pitfalls, etc. These are the people who will always tell you why what you are wanting to do/create will not work. They will question the thing to death and you run the risk of being so demoralized by them that you can, at times, even be caused to give up.

Lest you think, I think these people are evil, it’s quite the opposite, as a matter of fact these people can be quite helpful as you near completion and need to deal with the realities of the world to which you are planning to offer your creation. The problem is when to bring them into the process. These people are not visionaries. They are more pragmatic and practical and again they can be a tremendous asset to you, but because they are not visionary, before you share your creation with them, it’s best to have you idea as close as you can to completion.

There are people in our world who are, by their very nature, dream killers. They can’t help it, it’s how they’re wired. That being said, for the most part they’re not pathologically negative, they just need more convincing. It’s best to give them something they can see, touch and feel and it’s best to withhold the idea from this ’til they get to this point.

Assignment: Think of the people with whom you usually share your work. Consider which group they belong to. Remember, you need a mix of both. If you surround yourself with all visionaries, they may be unable to help you consider realities associated with your dream.