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This year, I am going to post creative challenges from God’s Word, the idea is simple, read the passage and create something based on it.

Let’s start right in the beginning, literally.

Genesis 1

The first thing we learn about God is that He created and so today embrace the creativity He has given you to generate a creative piece based on the story of creation.

I’m only making one resolution this year and that is to avoid getting caught up in things over which I have no control. Things like politics. My word for the year is “REVIVAL” and the plan is to work toward things in Christ that will reach people and bless them, pointing them to the only real hope, Jesus Christ. He can turn this nation around, and frankly, He is the only One.

Now onto the focus of this site. First of all, I apologize, I got really busy this year and my posting here as suffered, as a result, my readership has shrunk a bit. So if you’re still here, thank you and my goal is to do better in 2019. I honestly feel like the things I do in ministry and in encouraging all the people God puts into my life to use their gifts to serve Him is probably the best way I can work toward revival. Hopefully you, dear reader will reap the benefits of that. So here are a few of the goals I have set for the year.

On this blog: I hope to post at least five days a week this year. I also plan to post creative challenges based on Scripture on a regular basis. I am unsure of the frequency of these, but I was thinking about daily. If you decide to do these, don’t feel pressured to do them all, just all them to inspire you to create. I would appreciate your feedback on the frequency and the content.

As far as the other content, I am hoping do more informational content as is usual, but I am also hoping to create more downloadable content that people can use in churches, etc.

Some of the art I have been doing over the last year or so, has not really fit into the content of this page so I’ve decided to move that over to a page a started a long time ago and left got dormant. It’s called Beware of Artists. The title is based on a quote attributed to Queen Victoria that said, “Beware of artists, they mix with all classes of society and are therefore most dangerous.” That’s the kind of “dangerous artist” I want to be.

Creacher, my webcomic also continues. I hope you enjoy it.

My hope is to do even more speaking this year. I have set a goal of 40 engagements this year, Lord willing.

On the personal side, I want to finish the class work for my Masters and get to work on my thesis. The theme I am planning on is one that is near and dear to my heart, namely “The Imaginative Church.” I also want to finally finish my novel “Masterpiece Max” and I have outlined another book of prompts which will be available soon. In my church ministry, my big goals include encouraging the people to be in the Word and to find new ways to use their gifts to serve the Lord and reach out community.

Now of course all of these are goals, and as I look at the list, I’ll be the first to admit, it looks aggressive, but it gives me something to shoot for. I will break these down into manageable steps and hopefully will accomplish.

What about you? What are your goals for 2019?