Archive for October 18, 2018

A dear friend of mine, refers to a national chain restaurant as “reheat and eat.” The idea being all their “cuisine” is frozen, shipped in, reheated and served. I don’t know if thats really the case, but if it is, that’s what TV dinners are for. When we go to a restaurant, we want more.

Well looking at TV, I’m seeing a lot of reheating. Rather than coming up with new concepts, the networks seem to be taking a lot of the franchises of my teenage and young adult years and bringing them back. Now I will admit, I like a few of them. I really enjoy the new Hawaii Five-O from a few years back and I can’t say any of the “reheats” I’ve taken the time to watch are awful. I just wonder where the new ideas are. Have we really run out of creativity.

Now I am fully aware that making TV is insanely expensive and these reheats already have proof of concept. They’re a little bit more of a sure bet, but still… Artists need to innovate. Where are the fresh concepts, the new ideas? I mean I know Solomon said there is nothing new under the sun, and I know to some degree he was right, but we need some more people out there pushing the envelope.

This might be a great time for you, my dear creative. Make something new. Put it out there and see who bites, and if nobody bites, make it yourself. Pray and create. In a world of reheats, maybe it’s time for your creation to stand out. You’ll never know unless you do the work. Heat up something new!