Truth is important. Truth is both powerful and fragile. On one hand the Bible days the truth will set you free, on the other hand if you strip even a little away from truth, it’s no longer true. Christians, we need to deal in truth and truth alone. In a world where so many line up with Pontius Pilate and ask the question “what is truth?” We need to be right there pointing to the One who said I am the truth.

This is both an amazing privilege and a huge responsibility. We are called to be Christ’s ambassadors, this means in this convoluted world, we must be a beacon of truth. This means we read, study and share the truth of God’s Word. It means we don’t share and post things until we know whether or not they’re true. It means we don’t follow the culture for expediency’s sake, or bend the truth to advance our own cause.

My creative brothers and sisters, we have been blessed with abilities for the purpose of communicating God’s truth, and we should use those gifts for all we’re worth, but whether we work in realism or abstraction, whether we create fiction or non-fiction, whether our music is traditional, contemporary, classical, heavy metal or anything in between, what is most urgent is that our work communicates God’s truth.

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