Archive for September 2, 2018

Are you familiar with the fourth wall? It’s when you’re watching a movie, TV show, play, etc. it’s what separates you from the action. You’re watching what’s happening, but you’re not involved. Now on occasion, there will be a movie or show that tears down the fourth wall. A character will turn and address the audience, and when that happens you (the audience) are brought into the story. That’s what tearing down the fourth wall is all about, and by the way, as a Christian creative, that’s part of your call.

You see there are far too many people who know the story of Jesus, but it’s as if they’re watching from the outside. It’s just a story for them and they may even believe it happened, but it’s not enough. Jesus came and tore down the fourth wall. He removed the division between God and man. He made us part of the story. Brothers and sisters, I believe God wants to use His creatives to illustrate that point. The Great Commission commands us who believe to invite people into the story. Your creative gifts are part of that plan. How might you be used to tear down that fourth wall and bring people into the story? Party and ask God, then go and act accordingly.