LeBron James, the GOAT, and What’s More Important?

Posted: August 2, 2018 in Thoughts on art ministry and life
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I really have no business in commenting on basketball. I don’t really watch it very much. I posted a little while ago about the debate as to who is the greatest of all time, Michael Jordan or LeBron James. i don’t know as much about LeBron as I probably should. I know he’s a human highlight reel and I have seen him do some amazing things as I pedal the stationary bike at the gym in the morning. I think at the time I said that it was almost apples and oranges and without a time machine we would never know. I agreed with Kareem Abdul Jabaar (probably another GOAT candidate), that there is no GOAT. By the way if you’re not up on the vernacular, that stands for the Greatest Of All Time, but this post is not about Basketball.

No this week, LeBron and his foundation opened a school he and his foundation built. Yes, he went back into his old neighborhood in Akron Ohio and gave something back, something really big. Not only that but he has guaranteed a college scholarship to every kid who graduates from this school. I don’t know if this makes him the GOAT, but it does qualify him for being a great man.

As I look at this, I also get a bit of a rude awakening. This man is all of 33 years old. In other words he is a young man, young enough to be playing professional basketball, and he has already made considerable contributions to our world, this is just the latest. About now you might want to say, “Well of course he can do this. He makes millions of dollars to play basketball.” Do yourself a favor. Don’t go there. It’s true, odds are you’re not 6’9.” Maybe you’re not athletic. Maybe you don’t have millions of dollars at your disposal. Maybe you’re not a lot of things that Mr. James is. That’s not what’s at issue here. Mr. James saw something that could be done in service to others, and he is using the considerable gifts he has been given to do something that makes a difference. You have considerable gifts too, things given to you by a loving God to touch lives, bless people and glorify Him. If we compare ourselves and our resources to Mr. James, we’ll likely feel like we come up short, but we all have something and we are all surrounded by need. Ask yourself, “How can I use what I have to make a difference?” and do that.

Mr. James, I know you probably won’t read this, but if you do, I salute you and I want to say thank you for making a difference with what you have been given. You are an inspiration. Also please remember, Mr. Barkley was wrong. You are a role model. Thank you for being a good one.

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