Little Gifts of Love

Posted: July 27, 2018 in outreach, Thoughts on art ministry and life

Around here, there has been this trend of people painting rocks and hiding them in plain site for people to find. It’s spawned Facebook groups and all sorts good feelings all over the place. Some people find them, take a picture and re-hide them for someone else to be blessed. I have to wonder, is there a way the church can do something like this to bless people and maybe give them a little touch from the Lord.

I’m going to work on ways of doing this, and I would love your input. How can you give someone a little gift of love that will show them that God cares? Let’s work on this together.

  1. victoria1953 says:

    Agree it is a great idea! Maybe an idea would be set up a Facebook page for like minded to join to share ideas and what others in Christ have already done to get ideas from? Or may just use your Facebook site for this instead of trying to get another fb thing going? Plus it is your great idea and on fb you would probably get more responses from those already signed up there! Anyway I think this is great!

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