Sketchbooks and Marital Bliss

Posted: July 24, 2018 in helpful hints, Thoughts on art ministry and life
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When I first got married, I was in my art career pretty deep, trying to “make it” as an artist. I worked constantly and even when I wasn’t working I was always thinking. Every time a brainstorm erupted in my head, I grabbed the closest piece, scrap or sliver of whatever would accept pencil or ink to get those thoughts down. You might think man he was committed. Well sort of, but I was suffering from a pretty chaotic mind. What made matters worse was the chaos went external. I would invariably end up leaving these “moments of brilliance” everywhere. Imagine my dismay, when my unsuspecting wife would have the audacity to clean up after me and inadvertently throw one of these colossal ideas away. We could have been rich, I tell ya.

Okay that last part was untrue, but there was more than one heated argument as my creativity disappeared. In case you’re not good at reading my sarcasm, I am making light of the fact that I was completely at fault. If these ideas were really that valuable to me, I would have taken care of them. And then one day marital bliss was restored, and the solution was simple. My wife bought me a sketch book. Now I always knew where all my things were, and I had it handy whenever a great idea came to call. I’ve since filled literally dozens of them. I get a size that fits nicely on my flatbed scanner. I got a strap that holds a couple drawing implements right on the cover. This one little organizational element saved us a whole lot of stress and aggravation, and it made me able to create even more.

Look at the struggles you’re having. There’s usual a simple solution if you’ll just get creative.

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