Brad Stine: The God Experience

Posted: July 16, 2018 in Thoughts on art ministry and life
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There’s an old saying, “Don’t meet your heroes.” Well I kind of broke that one last night and I don’t understand what the problem is. I met one of my favorite communicators, comedian Brad Stein and he was everything I’d hoped he’d be. He is one of those guys who can have you rolling on the floor laughing and before you know it, he is driving home a deep point that makes a lot of sense. I love that kind of comedy—it makes you laugh, and it makes you think.

I have to admit I was nervous. We brought Brad in for a performance at the church I pastor. When he went on, he jokingly mentioned that I risked my entire ministry to bring him in and while that was a stretch, there was a certain ring of truth to it. Oh, I love my congregation and they love me, and we know each other really well by this point, but there is a risk. It’s like when you make a new friend and you know they are a great person, but when you introduce them to your other friends you hope they will like your friend as much as you do. Well my nervousness was wasted. Brad’s performance was hilarious, his timing was impeccable and his material really connected with everyone. He interacted with the audience, in a good natured and hilarious way. His set was both tight and well prepared with just the right amount of spontaneity to keep it very fresh. The comedy was on point.

We took a brief intermission at about the midpoint, and then he shifted gears into The God Experience. This part of the performance was incredible. There was still comedy, but it was combined with some really amazing illusions and, believe it or not, apologetics. Yes, Brad Stine used his considerable entertainment skills to prove there is a God and communicate the Gospel. His knowledge of theology and philosophy was impressive (He is a true thinking man’s comic). The fact that he could present all this information in such an entertaining, engaging way, was even more impressive. He had everyone engaged from the youngest children on up. It was a great evening.

Even better was watching him interact with my folks after the show. He was kind and gracious and, of course funny. He was with us as part of what he calls his “No Church Too Small Tour” and that really holds true. He made it affordable for even a small church like mine. I was really impressed by that. This is a man who has performed in some of the largest churches and conferences and comedy clubs in the world, as well as appearing on TV and in movies, making himself available to small churches in order to help us build the Kingdom. I was blessed and so was my congregation as well as all the many visitors that came in from other churches and the community in general. I cannot recommend Brad Stine highly enough. He worked with us. He was kind and humble. This is a guy who really cares about the church and building the Kingdom. If you get the chance, bring him in.

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