Archive for July 14, 2018

When I first started making art for money, I used to charge by the hour. I don’t really sell my art very often anymore, but when I do, I’d almost rather give it away than get paid by the hour. I remember once or twice back in the day when someone actually thought I should only need a half hour to do a project because that’s how long it took Bob Ross. Aggravating! Now one of the things I do as part of my ministry is speed painting, where I paint a painting in six minutes or less. Two things about that—first of all it’s not the best painting I can do, but it is the best painting I can do in six minutes and the fact that I can do it in six minutes is the what makes it interesting.

Of course that last statement is part of the problem. People will also say things like, “I don’t know how you can do a painting like that in six minutes.” The most honest answer is I can’t. First of all it has been a very rare occasion where I have done a speed painting for the first time before an audience. Usually I sketch and plan and practice, though occasionally I will feel a leading in the Spirit to do something I have never done before. To be honest, it usually works because when the Spirit leads, He also empowers, but there is something else to be considered. I started making art when I was three years old, and basically have been creating ever since. In other words, I don’t paint a painting in six minutes. I paint a painting in six minutes and fifty years.

Your work has value, not just in the amount of time it actually takes you to create the actual piece, but also in the years it took to build the skills it took to do it. What you do can only be done by the people who have put in the work. Value that as well. This video I saw on-line illustrates the point perfectly.