Rhyme or Reason

Posted: April 20, 2018 in Thoughts on art ministry and life
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Dave Weiss here checking in. Where usually I post articles about all things God, church and creativity and usually the intersection of all of the above, today I am seeking answers. I need to understand the rhyme and reason of who is coming here, and what draws you in. I’ll tell you why. I usually seem to get about 30 of you hitting this site on a daily basis. While I’d love to have millions, I am exceedingly grateful to and for all of you who come on here and check in on what’s going on. Lately though I have been noticing a phenomenon. About once every two weeks or so, all of the sudden one day my traffic will skyrocket (well for me anyway) to about 300. Needless to say that makes me pretty happy, but I have no idea why. It’s not like there are specific topics people are hitting. It all feels pretty random—like their’s no rhyme or reason to it.

Now to be sure, I am excited any time anyone hits this site and takes the time to read what I’ve written. That is a true blessing. And perhaps it may also be a blessing that I can’t spot the trend that causes this, because it may tempt me to be more formulaic, in an attempt to replicate results. I try to be a little more spirit led than all that, and just write what I feel led to write about.

I guess what I am asking today is what makes you stop by to read these posts? Are you sharing them to other sites? If you are, THANK YOU! I’m trying to get a handle on how to make this site as helpful as possible, because I really and truly believe that God is moving in the arts and creativity in His Church, and I want to be a faithful servant to Him and to this movement. Any insights into the rhyme and reason of this would be most helpful.

And again thank you for tuning in. You are more appreciated than you will ever know.

  1. Linda says:

    I checked your blog, when you spoke at our church last year, I appreciate your inspiration and insights to faith and life. I’m not really a creative, but I do like to use the gifts God gave me. Do the spikes occur after speaking engagements? That’s how I found you.

  2. I come when you send an email that there is a new post, I come for encouragement. I live in an area where Christian Creatives are spread far apart. Not a lot of people as compared to big cities where more creatives live closer together. There are not a lot of outlets for creative Christians in the boonies. Sometimes I come back and read old posts on days where I need lots of encouragement.
    I would love to see or learn how to self publish, as in the costs and dificulties of it and trials.

  3. Would also love some prayers or blessings for creatives.

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