I’m in the midst of a really great week. I’ve been ministering at a really wonderful church here in PA. The congregation has been great, my presentations have been going really well and I am thoroughly enjoying my time. In the midst of it all, the people have blessed me, I’ve had some great visits and some great meals. It truly has been wonderful. I finish up here tonight and tomorrow, Lord willing I am to head back to my home church to work on all the things necessary things for our service on Sunday. Friday should be spent getting ready for my first workshop based on the things I am writing for my upcoming book, The Imaginative Church. I’m really looking forward to it. I’m a little over a week away from my 30th wedding anniversary and in general, life is better than good.

I love what I do, but I am having an issue, and I would appreciate your prayers. My eating is out of control and I must do better. I’m awake here at about 3:00 am because my stomach is bugging me. Part of that is because my sinuses/allergies are really bugging me and I hope that’s all this is, and not that I’m coming down with something, but part of it is also because of the snack I ate last night when I didn’t need it. I find that I use my weight for a humorous moment in my presentations. I reminisce about my terrified parents who, on hearing I still wanted to go to art school as I neared the end of high school, said “No son of ours is going to starve in an attic,” at which point I turn to profile view and say, “Well that didn’t happen…” and I always get a good laugh about it. The truth is though, after years of being generally unhappy at what I did for a living, my life is finally on the right track. I am feeling blessed beyond measure. I really love what I get to do, and I really feel like I am pretty much at my sweet spot in every area of life except one. To keep this going, I have got to do better with my health. I want to have the strength and health to keep doing this ministry, as the Lord wills, for a long time. I want to get from my 30th anniversary, to my 50th or 60th, hey while I’m at it 70th would be fine, too, (We’d be 94, which is doable if I get this under control) because I really do have the best wife. I want to be there for my sons and my grandson and any more family the Lord chooses to bless me with.

My wife is doing fantastically by controlling her caloric intake and exercise, and I am proud of her. When I can I go with her to the gym, but I’m not consistent enough, and as I’m often told, you can’t out exercise a bad diet. I know there are a lot of plans and programs out there, but I want to do what she is doing (watching the calories and exercise) because that is sustainable for the long haul. I’m writing this mainly to remind me that I can do better, and in the hopes that if you’re in this boat, you’ll take the encouragement in realizing you’re not alone.

I’m going back to bed now and when I wake up, before I immerse myself in all of today’s projects, I’m going for a walk.

  1. Linda says:

    You might check out books by Dr. Mark Hyman at your local library. He’s written many. Look for Eat Fat Get Thin.
    The Daniel Plan by Rick Warren is full of helpful information. Google The Daniel Plan and find lots of resources online.
    The problem is not you, it is the food industry. Look around. The landscape of our bodies has changed in the last 20 years. Recently listened to Mark Hyman’s video…Our Food System: An Invisible Form of Oppression.
    Prayers for you as you try to move from processed food to real food.

  2. victoria1953 says:

    Praying Abba Father gives you wisdom, strength and endurance for this battle in the name of Jesus, as I know what you are going through as do many others. Victory in Jesus be yours Amen!

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