Archive for March 9, 2018

Even someone who does things that are generally enjoyable for a living occasionally needs a diversion. Mine is building model cars. I find it helps my creativity in a number of ways. One of the big enemies of any creative is creative block, when the ideas just cease flowing and you get stuck. It is for this reason that at any given time, there is a model kit on the table in the corner of my studio. When I get to a place of feeling stuck, I jump over to the table and paint a few parts or glue a few pieces together. I find that the diversion (focusing on something else) helps me to open my mind and break the block. Model building works for me because while it relies on some of my artistic skills, it is fairly regimented, so I can let my mind wander while following the directions. This particular kit is called the Vending Machine. It was a lot of fun.

What is your creative diversion? All work and no play makes for a boring creative.