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I love my kindle. Not only is it a great way to read, but it gives me ads suggesting other books to read. I’d been seeing ads for Union Station for month. It looked interesting, but based on the cover, I thought it would be a graphic novel, so I put it off. When I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas, I picked it up. Well I was wrong about it being a graphic novel, but I figured it would be sci-fi, and it is, well sort of. To be honest, this is a book like few I have read and I loved it. It’s not so much an action story as it is a story about relationships. It’s a very funny book, clean and well written. The reason I say it’s sort of sci-fi, is because it’s set on a space station and there are aliens and artificial intelligence beings all over the place, but what really sells this book is the relational stuff that happens as all these diverse beings learn to coexist in spite of some pretty vast cultural differences. As such this humorous little sci-fi series could be pretty important in life today.

That’s not to say it’s a morality play or a parable. At times it feels like a more lighthearted Hitchhikers Guide. It’s told from the perspective of Earth Ambassador Kelly Frank McAllister, who struggles to understand what her role is in the grand scheme of things at Union Station. The station is run by these sentient robotic AI beings called the Stryx who help her in the process while at times complicating her life. The characters are immensely well developed. The three books in this collection were a lot of fun. I thoroughly enjoyed these books, and I look forward to reading more in the series.