I’m reading a great book called Faith and Culture by Kelly Monroe Kullberg and Lael Arrington. It’s sort of a devotional but I am reading it as a collection of essays by some really great thinkers in all realms of faith and culture. One of the essays I read this morning had a short quote from Os Guinness that I found really thought provoking on the subject of call. I share it here in hopes of getting your feedback. Guinness writes:

Calling is a “yes” to God that carries a “no” to the chaos of modern demands.

Are you able to unplug from the world in order to abide in the true vine?

I eagerly await your feedback.

  1. I love this quote! I 100% agree! When we get swalloped up by the busyness of “modern life” we tend to not only neglect spending quality time in God’s word, we can also easily miss the Holy Spirit’s leading and calling. That “still small voice” gets drowned out by all the other “noises” (our careers, social media, to do lists, unnecessary activities, etc.). My pastor at my church has said on more than one occasion that sometimes we even need to say “no” to ”good things” so we have time to say “yes” to even better more important things. I feel God wants us to focus on our relationships (with our heavenly Father and with family and others in our lives within our sphere of influence)—these are the things that matter for eternity.

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