Archive for February 5, 2018

For years I had no idea there was such a thing as calling. I jut figure we all just sort of did what we want, I guess. You took a job, you worked for the weekend and hopefully you got to retire with enough time left to enjoy it. Then I met Jesus and began to believe there was a plan and a purpose for my life. So then I knew I had a calling, and at first I thought that had to do with vocation. I knew my calling was to be an artist, but there was a problem to that as well. I began to believe that because I was called to be an artist meant success as a professional artist and when at times life got difficult, I started to have questions for God. Did I miss Him? Did I get this wrong? Was my desire to be an artist just coming from me?

Then one day I heard a call to ministry. At first, I thought this was at the exclusion of my art calling. In fairness there was some truth to that one. My issues with my art career had gone into idolatry and I needed to let it go for a while, but it was not meant to go forever. Eventually I saw that art was a tool for ministry and that both could co-exist, and work really well together, but I’m still not sure I grasped my calling. I think I’ve finally figured it out and maybe this will be helpful to you too. Am I called to art? Yes. Am I called to Ministry? Yes! Here is the thing, I am called to bring the arts to the church and the church to the arts. I am Christ’s ambassador in both worlds. I use art to communicate the Gospel and I speak to the church about how to embrace the arts and creativity. Both are important and both are useful to the Kingdom. ministry is service. It’s not just for the church. The ultimate end of ministry is to take the gospel to the ends of the earth, and that happens in the church building and the marketplace.

Everything God gives us is useful to His Kingdom. That’s why He gives it. The thing is, we never know how He will use it, so we have to be faithful with everything and from there, we need to trust the Lord.

Be faithful and use what you’ve been given to the glory of God. Ultimately, that’s your calling.