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Okay people, time to get real. The most powerful force in this world is God. The second most powerful force in this world is Satan and the third most powerful force is the media, the culture. Oh, you want to say politics, but you would be wrong. If you don’t believe me, look at the 2016 election, especially on the Republican side, where, what?, 14 seasoned elected officials and one of the world’s greatest success stories (Ben Carson) were soundly defeated by a man who aside from his considerable business acumen was mostly known as a reality TV star. And incidentally the democratic side was more name recognition than political acumen as well and in case you think I’m off base, consider the media frenzy that followed Oprah Winfrey’s speech at the Golden Globes, and by the way, if she runs, she’ll win. Turns out Living Colour was prophetic back in 1988. Now more than ever there is a cult of personality.

In this day and age, it cannot be denied, culture is power. Elections are little more than public speaking contests. The one who tells the best story or sells the most people their version of the story, wins. Of course, more than a good message, that message has to be heard and who controls that? The media and the culture. Over the years there have been quite a few times where culture and the church have been at odds and let’s not kid ourselves, the culture has given us lots of reasons to do so, but let’s remember something. Jesus didn’t spend a lot of time whining and complaining about fairness, and He is our example. Jesus spoke truth in love. Jesus took action. Jesus changed things and today we are His body. Creatives this is our time. If the call of the church is to speak truth to power, then those of us with creative giftings must work to impact the culture. Where are the C.S. Lewis’ of our time? Where are the Tolkien’s? Who will make the 21st century masterpieces that speak truth to the culture? Who will communicate God’s timeless truths to an ever changing world? For too long we have fought the culture. Our battle is not with flesh and blood. We are called to be light and the time is now to shine.

Think about it, How many times have you been moved to tears by the truth and beauty of someone’s creation? a book, a movie, a dance, a song, a play. The arts and the media and the culture can be forces for tremendous good, but in order to be that people who care about God’s truth must do the work. And I’m not talking about making more Christian media for Christians, though if you feel called to edify the church, that’s fine too. I’m talking about doing things in the mainstream, that will speak truth to the third greatest power. Those who stand on the Rock, must rock the culture. The time is now.