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Well it’s another day and once again we are in the midst of a firestorm over the comments of our president. People are all up in arms over what he said about several nations. I won’t repeat them here for obvious reasons, so if you don’t know what he said, google his name and you’ll see it, guaranteed. Now before I go any further, you need to know this is not a political post. Were his comments inappropriate and unfortunate? Absolutely, but what if we looked at them differently. The fact of the matter is conditions in many nations around the world are horrible. In many cases the people have been oppressed and the nations have been pillaged by dictatorships leaving the people in horrendous conditions. Not in all cases, but in many cases.

Again, I think what the president said was terrible, but like any other words, once they’re out, they’re out. We can apologize but taking them back is an impossibility, so what can we do instead? Well many people act like taking to social media and complaining about it is valuable. Hey I love free speech as much as the next guy, but very few if any people are helped by our complaints. Talking about something and doing something are usually two different things. Voice your outrage if you must, but what are you doing to help change conditions and bless people? I know the problems are immense, but Mother Theresa suggested doing small things with great love. How about if we could each go into one of those countries and help one person? Well there is a way. My family and I support several children in two of these nations through Compassion International. The cost is small, and you might say so is the impact, but if each of us would take the time to help one, eventually a lot would be helped.

We can complain or we can do something to help. Do both if you must, but do not do the former and ignore the latter. Compassion is one of the ways we do it, but there are many. Find a group helping people, and find a way to help them.