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All us creatives are the product of our influences. When I was a little kid, My Nana used to take me to this amazing flea market/auction and there was this one stand that had this array of t-shirts. There were many difference designs but most of them were the same subject matter, cars twisting under the torque of their massive engines with huge monstrous beastly characters sticking right through the roof of the car grasping a huge shifter. We’d leave that stand and Nana would take me to another stand where she’d let me buy a model kit of my church. I loved building those kits and I dreamed of being able to to make them look like those shirts at the shop. One of the things I really wanted to draw was those crazy creatures and I started and I have been drawing creatures ever since.

I also remember being in elementary school and checking a book out of the library about custom cars. There was this guy in it that was building these amazing cars. One of those cars was called the Mysterion. It turned out that the builder was a guy named Ed “Big Daddy Roth. Later, I found out that he was also the artist behind many of those amazing T-shirts. The guy was clearly an influence. One of many. Of all his creatures, probably the most famous was RatFink this big green rat. My wife got me this guy for Christmas and the spare time in my week off has been spent building and painting him for. It was a fun kit to paint and it reminded me of another reason I ended up creating.

Who influenced you?