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This is going to sound like a sports story, but hang in there, this is more about glory than sports. I used to be a pretty big fan of the Philadelphia Eagles. This was in the days of the Gang Green defense, featuring guys like Jerome Brown, and my all-time favorite, Reggie White. I was pretty young in my faith walk, and Reggie was called the Minister of Defense and I was just amazed by him on the field and off. I became really disgruntled with the Eagles when Reggie ended up going to the Packers and my fandom went with him. I have rooted for the Packers ever since.

Then a little time ago, the Eagles picked up another of my favorite people, Tim Tebow, and I was thinking I’d be back to having two teams in green. Then they cut Tebow and I decided having one team was fine, (okay more like the Eagles were “dead to me,” but I believe in grace and forgiveness more than football, so I just moved on.)

But I started hearing things about this guy Carson Wentz. I started hearing about players being baptized and Bible studies led by this young quarterback, and I started getting excited. Then it got better, they started to win. They started to dominate and a narrative began to form in my mind. This team is going to roll over everyone and win the Super Bowl to the glory of God and it will be epic.

That all changed this past weekend. Wentz took a shot to the knees, torn ACL, out for the season, and a collective “Nooooo” was heard all over Philadelphia fandom. But wait, it’s not over. They have a backup in Nick Foles (also a believer) and that would make another great story, but there’s more. See I was allowing myself to have wrong head thinking. I was doing something I encourage every creative to guard against. I was thinking that God can only be glorified in human success and that is not the point. A discussion in Bible study last night (believe it or not, it was related to the topic at hand) brought clarity. You see the following day, Carson Went took to social media and changed the narrative. See for yourself.

In the midst of a disappointing day to be sure, Wentz still took the time to give glory to God and acknowledge a sovereign will that is bigger than football. Went was showing us that God is good in the good times and the bad times, in joy and sorrow. At the end of the day that is the real point of all of this. It’s easy to glorify God when everything is going our way. What this young man showed us is God is good all the time. There are a lot of things in our lives that can go wrong. The question is will we trust God and move forward in faith regardless?

Carson Went could have stayed on the pocket, and he could have played it safe, but he went for it. He gave his all and paid the price. Will we do the same in our pursuits? Oh we may not take a shot from a defensive player, but there are risks nonetheless. We can play it safe, but glory is found outside the “pocket.” sometimes you have to take the risk and play the game, knowing you’ll give glory to God regardless of the outcome. We can’t always control what happens, but we can always control our reaction. Carson Went showed us that. May we do the same.

Mr. Wentz, I’m praying your recovery is insanely quick and complete. I’m praying that you soar to even greater heights, and I thank you for challenging me by your actions to a new and better point of view.