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Did anyone ever tell you that you were an accident? They lied. Oh you may be the result of an unplanned pregnancy, your conception may have been in less than ideal circumstances, or you may have just been made to feel unwanted, but you’re no accident. You are here on purpose and you need to know that. I’m not a fan of the theory of evolution for that very reason. It’s not so much the science versus faith thing (that could be a whole book in itself and many people smarter than me have written them) as it is the fact that it makes life seem so random and accidental and as a result so many people live wandering aimlessly through this life as if there is no real reason to be here. I’m also not a fan of the teaching of survival of the fittest that seems to account for so much of the violence and anarchy in our world, but I digress. There is a better way to think about your existence. You are enough because you were made to be enough.

You’re no more accidental than the watch on your wrist or the car in your driveway. If I told you that one day your old Chevy just mutated out of the ooze, you would think I was out of my ever loving mind, yet so many people are apt to believe the exact same thing about their own existence. You need to know, you’re too complex to be random. You have to be created and if you’re created, then there is a Creator, and if there is a creator and you are His creation, then wouldn’t you say there’s a fairly good chance that there was a purpose for your creation?