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In 1 Corinthians 12, the Apostle Paul speaks of the church being the body of Christ and in the process he touches on my primary point here, one of the two reasons we should all be grateful that we are not enough. You see Paul relates the church to a literal body and in that body, each part has a special, by design function. He speaks of eyes that want to be ears and hands that want to be feet. and asks where the head would be without the feet. which gives me this humorous image of a whole bunch of sentient disembodied heads rolling around aimlessly wishing for a pair of feet to get them where they know they need to be. It’s humorous, but it’s precisely the point. The head might do all the thinking, but the head needs the feet, and the arms and the legs and without them his life is more difficult.

You see here in the 21st century, at least in the west, we are taught from an extremely early age to call independence. In some ways that is a great thing, but it’s not God’s ultimate design. No, God’s ultimate design for us is not independence, it’s interdependence. He designed us with strengths and weaknesses precisely to this cause. No man, over woman, is an island and this too is by design. We were created to depend on each other and in this sense we are not enough on our own. I have a great example of this in my wife Dawn. I’m a natural born artist/creative. This means my imagination is usually fully engaged. I am right brained to the extreme and it seems to malfunction around things like numbers and money. So you know what God did for me? He gave me a wife who is great a crunching numbers and He gave me the wisdom to let her handle the finances. As a result we have stupid things like the aforementioned roof over our heads, I am not a starving artist because of the goodness of my God and the wisdom of my wife. She helps to ground me a bit and I help her to free up her inborn creativity. It’s a win-win situation. She is strong where I am weak and I am strong in her areas of weakness and together it works. I get a little nauseous when I hear someone in one of those chick flicks look someone in the eye and say “You complete me!” but to some degree it’s true and it is God’s design.

And by the way, it’s not just in marriages. The same principle works in families and companies and communities and even nations. If we were all to accept the idea that we are not in and of ourselves “enough” and learn to bring our best to the table in our strengths in cooperation with those who are strong in our weaknesses, the world would be a much better, more efficient place. We need to love others, work in our strengths and cooperate with others to until we are all, together, enough.

Of course there is an area where independence will not work and where even interdependence falls show and that is in our relationship with God. You see, He wants us to be totally dependent on Him and we are. I had an awakening on this one day. I had written a message where I said “God takes care of us in everything from the air we breathe on up.” But then I really thought about it, “Without air here are we?” Air isn’t just a need, it’s our primary need and God provides it and everything else in abundance. There is nothing in our world that, when brought down to it’s lowest common denominator is not totally and completely dependent on God. If this is the case, and it is then when it comes to God, none of us is enough. We are totally and completely dependent on Him and that is incredibly good news because He is forever unchanging and totally dependable to us. He is totally and completely enough and all we will ever need.