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Am I important enough? (Do I matter?)

Hopefully as you read this book you will become increasingly aware that I am not a person under any illusions that I have it all together. I don’t. If you want a book written by someone perfect, read the Bible. You should be reading that anyway! That being said, this is one of the areas where I have always struggled most and my guess is I’m not the only one. This pursuit was especially bad back in the proving myself days, but they can still manifest even in this fairly contented phase of life. I can still find myself asking questions of significance. Does what I’m doing matter? Could I be doing more or gaining more or even having more of a kingdom impact? Am I important? Does any of this even matter? Can I tell you those are the wrong questions? I would like to illustrate this by telling you a story.

I was heading to a Promise Keepers event in Philadelphia and I was exhausted. Driving down the Schuylkill Expressway (Locals call it the “Sure kill” because it just might be the worst road in the U.S.) and I was fading fast. I still had a two to three hour event and then what could be two to three hour drive depending on how bad the traffic was on the aforementioned “Sure kill.” A thought was running through my mind as I hoped the caffeine from my Mountain Dew would kick in. “The first speaker better ‘bring it’ or I am going to fall asleep.” Well the first speaker that night was a man named E.V. Hill. He stepped up to the microphone and began to speak. He started off speaking very slowly and deliberately and I was beginning to think, “Oh no I am in trouble.” Well I should have known better, because he kept building and building until by the end, he was all but screaming and I was on the edge of my seat. I didn’t want it to end. He was probably among the best preachers I have ever heard. I was excited. So excited, that I told everyone I could that they had to hear this amazing preacher.

Well the next year, Promise Keepers came to town again and when they came they brought E.V. Hill with them. I had a car load of friends going with me and i could not wait for them to hear Him bring God’s Word. I couldn’t believe what happened next.  He started boasting. Boasting about this accomplishment and that accomplishment and this great thing he did, and that great place he went and the literal millions of people He had spoken to, and the more he boasted, the more I sunk down in my chair. I could almost feel my friends staring me down and thinking “What’s so great about this guy?” I should have known better. You see round about the middle of the message, Hill began to speak about the pastor at his first church, the first church he attended, the one where he met the Lord. And then he told us, that man never preached to more than 70 people in his life, but if he had not been faithful to his call all the great things God used E.V. Hill to do might never have happened. The point is simple. “Big enough” and it’s sister “important enough” aren’t up to us, faithfulness is.  The question is not the importance of our actions the question is how faithful will we be with the opportunities God gives us.