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Suppose I gave you a billion dollars. For the record, I don’t have a billion dollars, but imagine I do and I give it to you, unconditionally. It was mine and now it’s yours, free and clear. It would radically change your life, right? (If a billion dollars would not radically change your life, please contact me, I have some really worthy projects I would love for you to support.) But seriously, if I benefitted you to that degree, and then one day you heard I wanted you to do something, I’m guessing you would do what I asked, right? I mean as long as that thing was moral, ethical and good, there should be very few things you wouldn’t do for the one who so radically changed your life.

Well everything Jesus has asked of us is good and ethical and moral, and He has given us something worth so much more than a billion dollars. He has given every believer a billion years and beyond in a perfect place of no more sickness and no more pain and no more disease, and no more death, and no Satan and no evil, just perfect joy and happiness forever and what he asks in return is that we live these few measly decades that we get on this planet in a way that brings Him honor and glory, so that others might see this gift in us and want it for themselves and receive eternity. That’s what our attempts at lives of holiness and righteousness is really all about. Jesus came to rescue us and then put us on the rescue mission. We don’t try to be good enough to earn something, we live to please Him so that others might receive Him and be saved.