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Rock bottom was my holy place too. I looked up and was radically transformed forever. It was after that day at bottom that most of the best things in my life happened, my marriage, my kids, my grandson and this adventure called ministry that has taken me to amazing places and allowed me to do extraordinary things. I almost missed it all, it’s for that reason I call this season my bonus life. In that moment of crying out to God from the bottom of a deep pit, it was as if I said “enough’s enough.”

Have you been there? To a place where you know you’ve hit bottom and you have no choice but to look up. It’s okay if you haven’t. You don’t need to go there and there is no honor in the plunge. You can call out to God long before you hit bottom. Smart people don’t have to fall that far, they see a need and they go to God. They see the trajectory of the path they are on and they make a turn. By the way that turn is called repentance and it is available to us all at any time.

I have to laugh sometimes because it seems there are two schools of though on this whole rock bottom thing. Not long after I got my call to ministry and began my training, there was at least one person who commented, “And to think, they’re going to let him be a minister after all he has done.” The thing is if past sin disqualifies someone from ministry, only one was ever qualified and we nailed Him to a cross for His troubles. “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” If we disqualify the repentant, there is no one left, except the unrepentant and they really are disqualified.

The other side of this coin is the disdain some people seem to have for people who haven’t even been to rock bottom. Some people see a bloody testimony as the only real qualification for ministry. They see people who have grown up in the church as something less than those of us who have bottomed out. God forbid. I have a bloody, messy testimony, but I raised my kids to have a safe “bottom free” testimony. I raised them to love God without all the stupid choices it took me to get there. They are no less saved than I am and I think this is a huge point. I looked at my cycle of sin and thought enough’s enough. As much as I am able to determine it, this ends here in my generation. Let my sons start a new, blessed generation as children of a man who loves God. The thing we need to remember is, everyone has been rescued.  Some have to be pulled from a pit, while others are rescued by being raised to know Christ from their earliest days. Both groups need Jesus, and when they come to Jesus, both groups are saved.