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He was a very famous man. If you have ever watched the news in the U.S., you would know his name. He’s an advisor to world leaders and when he speaks, the world pays attention, and they have for decades. I was thrilled to find out he was a man of faith and even more excited when I found out he was speaking at my friend and mentor’s church. I was so excited to hear what he had to say. This was a man whose name is synonymous with excellence in his field, and I fully expected a message laced with stories from his work. While the message was peppered with a few anecdotes from that phase of his life, the message took a decidedly different term.

He began to speak of addiction and alcoholism and he battle wit the bottle. I knew nothing of this part of his life, most of the world probably doesn’t, which is why I have not shared his name. Ultimately this was a story of triumph and victory in Jesus, but in the midst of it all, he made a statement I will not like ever forget. He said, “Rock bottom is a holy place, because when you hit it, the only thing you can do is look up.” I thought that statement was one of the most profound things I have ever heard, and I could relate, because I had hit rock bottom, too.

One night, when I was drunk and suicidal for the umpteenth time, right in the midst of trying to end it all, I had a revelation. I didn’t want to die, I just couldn’t keep living the way I was living one more day and so instead of taking my life, I cried out in prayer to a God I wasn’t sure i believed in and didn’t know at all. It was the simplest of prayers, the three word prayer of a desperate man, “God help me” and there at the place we call rock bottom, God reached down and began the process that would rescue me forever. Please understand if you are reading this book, it is precisely because when I cried out to God for help. He helped me.