I’d Love to Know What Happened

Posted: October 5, 2017 in Thoughts on art ministry and life
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I haven’t really looked at my blog stats lately. To be honest, I thought they’d be depressing. I’d been a little lax in posting and so I figured they’d be abysmal. For the record I appreciate every single reader, so if you’re reading this, that means you! Thank You! It’s just I write these things to try and help as many people as possible and every blogging guru I’ve ever read talks about the importance of consistency. Well I’d been inconsistent and I was fully expecting toe pay the price in the stats, so I was a little surprised to find that for three days in a row, between September 28 and 30, I had over 150 unique page views with the highest being the 29th where I had 208. Now I know for some bloggers that’s nothing, but for a niche blog on creative ministry, those were some of the highest days I’ve had since two groups went to war over some cartoons I posted several years ago.

I’d love to know what happened. I posted a book review that day on The Awakening of H.K. Derryberry. It was a nice little memoir I thoroughly enjoyed but I can’t picture a book review would take my numbers to that height. I just can’t figure it out and then I had a thought. Maybe I’m not supposed to. After all, if I could figure it out, I’d probably try to repeat it. Okay, no probably about it, I’d repeat it. I’d make it a formula and I’d work it but that’s not how art works especially art in the realm of faith. I’m supposed to seek the Lord and create the best stuff I can create. I’m supposed to trust that God will use it to touch and bless who He wants to touch and bless, whether that’s a multitude or just one…just you.

You see dear reader, I do this for God and I do it for you. I write these things to inspire people and get them to think differently. I feel like part of my calling is to encourage creatives to create to the glory of God and that’s what I want to happen.

So here’s the question, dear reader. What do you want? Why do you do what you do? Those motivations of our hearts are extremely important. I shared yesterday about the day God turned my life around 20 years and one day ago. The thing I kept coming back to was I was getting my identity from my work, rather than from my Lord. I wanted to succeed so that people would see I had value rather than to bring glory to God. I know now that was wrong. If I create and trust the creation to God, it becomes His to use as He desires. That’s not likely to come in a formula repeated ad nauseum. Instead it comes when we trust and obey.

Ask God what He would have you do, give it your best and do what He says to do with it. Creating like that will allow our work to occupy its proper place in our lives and that is immensely important. Thanks for reading.

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  2. Melissa says:

    Enjoyed reading this – it’s funny how things start working and we were simply doing what we knew to do and not trying to “make it work” so much. I hope that makes sense! Your consistency with you blog, your message, your work encourages me in my walk.Glad to see more people are seeing your work!

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