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Okay this is going to sound unusual coming from me, but the world’s most dangerous book is the Bible. I know, you want to fight me on this, but hear me out. The reason it’s dangerous is because people misuse it. I once heard someone say that Hitler was a Christian. It’s absurd, Christians follow Jesus, and clearly the atrocities Hitler did not follow the model of Jesus in any way. What Hitler did was misuse a few verses, WAY out of context, to justify himself and his hatred. Some racist hate groups do it too, but again that’s a misuse of the Scripture. If you try hard enough, you can find a verse here or there that will seem to justify any evil thing you want to do, and that makes the book very dangerous. Of course the same can be said for virtually anything in print. The real issue is self justification, trying to justify things in us that are not justifiable.

The same can be said of the people who want to eliminate certain texts because they don’t like what they say. Discredit a few texts or change their meaning and now we can do what we want. Eliminate the inconvenient truths and we can justify anything we want to do. Again this is self-justification. Don’t miss this, both are wrong! Both attempt to mold God into our image, but that’s not haw this works. We’re created in His image and never the other way around. Both attempt to change the Bible, but again, that’s not how this works. We’re not supposed to change the Bible, the Bible is supposed to change us.

Yes, we can find verses we can twist to justify ourselves and our own evil desires, but that is not what is supposed to happen. No, we need to take the whole counsel of Scripture. How does the whole book speak to our lives? These little self-justifying attempts at misuse are torn asunder when these verses are seen in the context of the whole. You can’t justify hate with a verse when the whole text points to the central figure (Jesus) telling us to love friends, neighbors, even enemies. You can’t justify antisemitism, when you read that God told Abraham He would bless the whole world, all nations, through Abraham’s descendants and for those who would say, “But the Jews put Jesus on the cross.” I would say, “No they didn’t, I did.” He died for my sins after all.

The whole counsel of Scripture points to sin, but it also points to redemption. It shows us that we are lost on our own, but saved through Jesus. It teaches us to love our neighbor, and by extension everyone, sacrificially. It teaches wisdom and love, grace and repentance. It points to salvation and eternal life. It is the guidebook for life in this world, written by the One who created the world. We ignore it at our peril or we allow its truth to set us free. Is it dangerous? YES! Used properly it is dangerous to the destructive forces in our world. It is dangerous to the plans of the one who came to steal, kill and destroy. To those who take it in, take it seriously and take it to heart, it is powerful. The teachings in its pages, followed and applied, could make this world a much better place. In the hands of those who would justify themselves by misusing it, it is dangerous. In the hands of those who would apply its full counsel, it is powerful. And in the hands of those who let it gather dust on a shelf, it’s useless.

Unleash the power… Open the book, read it, study it, learn the whole counsel and apply it.

It’ll change your life—maybe even your world.