This week I am teaching at a Christian Writer’s Conference. I am excited and just a little intimidated. There are people here from all skill levels and some of them are much more accomplished that I am. My goal is to help everyone in the room to gain something that they can take home and use. Even more I want to spur the folks who invest their valuable time in me on to love and good deeds. As I am thinking of this, a thought has just occurred to me—I want them all to surpass me and if they do, I will have really done my job.

I have some concerns. Foremost of which is I tend to write very conversationally. As a result, I may not be the “cleanest” (grammatically) or most technically proficient writer. Secondly, do I have anything to offer that the conferees don’t already know? I’m teaching on creative block and a second session that relates to sharing our work with the world. A wealth of thoughts run through my head and not all of them are encouraging. What should I do? I think I have found my answer and it’s in the first session I will teach.

I have a list of forty five ways to overcome creative block. I know I won’t be able to hit them all but I wanted to be prepared for any contingency. They’re all tried and true and have all worked in my life. I already know the first one is so painfully obvious that I will have to explain quickly before they think they signed up for the wrong class. I almost took it out, but I realized it’s the second most important one in my creative life and it’s started more posts on this blog than any other. Well… except for the second one, which is also fairly obvious, but I have often failed to do it and have paid the price on many occasions. The first idea kind of needed to be first, but idea number two is in every other way number one. Number two is prayer and it is the most important step in the creative process. If you want to succeed in your mission to glorify God in your creative pursuits, the first step should be to ask God what will bring Him glory. He knows that better than anyone and He will never steer you wrong.

There is one other thing to be considered. All those intimidating thoughts should be washed away with one single thought Did I pray? I did and because of that I can trust that God will do what He wants to do through me (and in me) for these sessions. God’s been faithful, now it’s my turn.

I believe He will bring honor and glory to His name in the way that He sees fit and I trust Him. If you’re going to succeed in any creative pursuit, the first step is to pray.

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