Archive for July 17, 2017

There once was a man with a great golden pitcher. He loved to use his pitcher to refresh the people all-around him. He poured day and night until one day he stopped. It wasn’t because he wanted to. Pouring gave his life purpose and meaning and it brought him great joy. He tried and tried to keep pouring, but to no avail. He simply could not pour anymore. The reason was simple…

His pitcher was empty.

I know the question that is creeping through your mind. “Why didn’t he just fill the pitcher?” It’s obvious, right? Then why don’t you do it? You see, if you’re like most creatives, especially Christian creatives, you want to help people and you live to be a blessing. We seem to thrive on creating and sharing those creations as well as helping and pouring into the lives of others. We’d do it all day every day if we could, but please don’t miss this because it is a principle that will serve you very well. You can’t pour what you don’t have. If you’re going to pour out, you also have to learn to let others, not to mention God, pour into you.

I know this pretty well. I’m right in the middle of a long period of much activity and I love it, but it comes with a price. My mind is racing all the time. This often keeps me from sleeping which makes me quite tired at times. Also my studio space is chaotic, because I am in “throw and go” mode. You know, that’s where you finish something, throw it to the side and start working on the next thing. As a result of that chaos, there are at least two things I intended to bring along for the conference where I am speaking, that are sitting home in my studio. I can do everything I need to do without them, but they would have been an asset to what I am doing. Finally, though most importantly, when I go to pray, my mind is so all over the place that even the Lord is not getting my full attention. That’s not going to work forever. I’m not empty right now. I still feel okay, but I’m definitely not full.

What to do? Well today I am going to let some people sow into me. I’m going to sit and listen to a few other speakers to see what I can glean from them. I’m going to enter into some unplanned, general conversations. I might even grab a nap in my room and I am going to spend some time with Jesus. I’m still going to seek to be a blessing, but I’m also going to attempt to fill my pitcher.

If I don’t, I can’t pour.