Get a Diversion

Posted: June 10, 2017 in books
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Another way to alleviate creative block…

If you’re going to be a creative, you need a diversion, a hobby something other than what you ordinarily do. I’ll be the first to admit this is difficult to imagine. For many of us, our creative pursuits are the thing we really love to do and especially for those who do something else for a living, your creative pursuits may already be (or feel like) your diversion. You might even be right, but remember our pursuit here is to overcome creative block and you can even get blocked when you’re doing that which you love to do. 

The diversion can help. There are times even in the midst of a great, exhilarating project when you can find yourself stuck. A lot of times it’s just a matter of you’ve been working too intensely for too long and you just need to step away for a little bit. Just take a few minutes and do something else.

My personal diversion is building model kits. Yes it still feels creative and yes may of my professional skills are in play in this hobby as well. The difference is, it’s very structured. There are instructions to be followed and by virtue of the way the kits are assembled. I can add a piece or two and get back to work. It actually works better that way for the hobby because it gives the glue time to cure.

It doesn’t take much most of the time, just a little time away an refresh your creativity and get you ready to delve back in.


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