Book Review: Under New Management by David Burkus

Posted: May 20, 2017 in books
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This is a straight up business book and it is quite good and very thought provoking. You might wonder why an artist, speaker and minister of the Gospel would take the time to read such a book. Well as my friend Craig Smith often says, “Sometimes you can take a business book and baptize it for the church.” This is just such a book.

What do I mean? Well what do businesses and churches have in common? The primary element of commonality is people. Whether in business or church people are being led and more importantly empowered. Successful churches work because they empower their people to be all that they can be and as such many of the principles in this book are transferable, or at least I found them to be so.

This book is about new ways to do business and run companies. His chapters are in some cases counterintuitive, and yet Burkus cites real life companies, and some pretty major players at that, that are innovating in these areas to great success. Things like outlawing email. Who hasn’t fallen into the pit of spending so much time answering emails that you get no actual work done? One of my favorites is Putting Customers Second. This has been a peeve of mine since my days in retail management. If I had a dollar for every time I had to satisfy the unrealistic demands of often dishonest people, I could have quit that awful job. Now consider how motivated I was in those conditions and as a result, everyone suffered. In the church world, the people I work with and lead are largely volunteers. I need to take care of them and bless them and put them first. These are just two of the principles.

This is a great business book, but it’s more. Most of it’s principles are really transferrable to other aspects of life. I really didn’t know what to expect from this book but I took a chance on a review copy and I am very pleased that I did. If you are in leadership of any kind (and who isn’t) this book just might be worth your time.

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