Archive for May 11, 2017

There comes time in some projects where it becomes apparent that it’s going nowhere and you just need to “call it quits.” Maybe you just see it’s not working or maybe the idea seemed better than it was. Maybe it’s just pulling too much time away from something that is actually working, or maybe you’ve just run out of steam. Maybe it really is time to quit, but before you do, ask yourself a couple of questions.

1. Are you sure? Is it really dead or are you just frustrated or discouraged. If that is the case, it may be time to back burner it for a while or just take a break and get some perspective.
2. Is it completely dead or just ahead of it’s time? Sometimes we have an idea that the world just isn’t ready for yet. Maybe rather than putting the idea out it’s misery, you simply need to table it ’til the world catches up. Think about all the things that we have now that were once the realm of science fiction. I often say Steve Jobs didn’t invent the smart phone, Gene Roddenberry did.
3. If you see someone else run with this and make it work, how angry (or frustrated or ripped off or etc.) will you feel? This one speaks for itself. If it’s important enough to you to invoke anger or frustration, it’s probably not dead to you and you need to press on.

Of course there are many more questions to be asked but this will give you an idea. There are times where it is actually time to pull the plug and give up, but I am of the belief that those times are a lot rarer than we think, so check your motivations before you give up.

There is another place where knowing when to give up is vital and it’d kind of the opposite. but we’ll look at that tomorrow.