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The next question is “Have you lost passion for (your project)?”
This happens too. And again you have questions to ask before you give up. Chief among these are “Why did you start it in the first place?” and “What will be lost if you don’t see it through. I’ve seen people take this attitude to their marriages and it’s a disaster. It’s almost always better to remember why you started, find your passion and power through. The road to success is littered with projects that people dumped for something new. Unfortunately, this can become a pattern in our lives and the result can be that we become starter who never finish anything. Those people never succeed. It might be time to find someone with passion to take the project over. Otherwise it might be time to power through. Sometimes a lack of passion can be just the incentive to finish something so you can move on to something better.

I basically covered the next question above. “Is it more difficult than you thought?” I just have one thing to add. Most of the time, if our dreams are not too big for us, they aren’t really worth our time. Big dreams are hard to accomplish, but they often yield big results. Dream big and get help instead of giving up when the going gets tough.

The last question is the big one when it comes to dream killers. “Are you stuck?”
Getting stuck usually involves a little bit of burnout. If burnout is the case, the best thing to do is sideline the project and work on something else for a little while. I usually work on two projects at once. You might also notice I post a fair amount of pictures of models I’ve built. The reason for that is pretty simple. First of all, I like to build them, but second of all, I have realized I will occasionally need a distraction. I’ve looked at something too long and I need to divert my attention for a little bit. Letting my mind go onto something that is pretty structured but still fun allows me to adjust my focus. Now don’t let it become a distraction, which has happened for me from time to time, but for the most part, it’s just a little 15-20 minute break that lets me refocus.

Lastly sometimes, we get stuck because we have exhausted our level of ability, If that s the case, you either need to get more training, do some research or find a collaborator. Any of these things can help you get unstuck.

In the end, here is the truth. The most important part of any project is to start. This is usually the hardest and I will share more on that with a current project I am having a hard time launching in another post. Immediately after starting though is the crucial step of finishing and releasing. Without these two steps all the effort is useless.

Work your project from start to finish. Like the old song said “Take your passion and make it happen.” Ideas don’t matter unless we make them reality.

Make sure you finish, whatever it takes.