Every story has an arc, a line the story follows from beginning to end. Continuing stories can have multiple arcs and sometimes a plot twist will change the arc of the story but if you go back over a story, you can see the arc or arcs that have taken place to bring us to the conclusion the author has chosen.

The thing is your life is a story and it has an arc. You can see it looking back. There are probably a many things you are glad about and a few things you regret. Choices are like that and they can change the arc. I was thinking about this this morning. I have a few regrets in my life. For example, I wish I had never touched alcohol. The havoc it wreaked on my life was huge. Looking back in a different way though, had I not had that problem, my sister might not have been inspired to introduce me to someone who didn’t drink. That woman became my wife, so without her, I wouldn’t have my sons, my daughter-in-law or my grandson. More importantly, it was my wife who introduced me to the Lord. Without her, the arc of my story is very different and several people would not even exist, people that have made my life and the lives of other both full and meaningful.

So am I glad I drank? No. Did God want me to drink? No. Drinking to excess as I did was sinful behavior that was not and never will be pleasing to God. My drinking caused me and a lot of others a lot of pain. Would I be a Christian if I hadn’t had a drinking problem? Only God knows that. All in all there are a lot of unanswered and unanswerable questions in this story and my arc only comes into existence because my parents got together. Looking at it in this way it all seems pretty random. And yet each arc leads to another and arcs intersect and lives are changed and when we look back it seems less random and more infinitely complex. It’s like an amazing Author weaving an infinite story. This is how I choose to see it. God creates all of us characters and allows unto interact in the world he created. He places before us many arcs, seeing which ones we will choose and yet somehow already knowing what we will choose.

We see this in the Bible, all these story lines, of all these lives that seem to weave and intersect until eventually they converge in one man, Jesus Christ, the savior of the world. The young man thrown into a well and sold into slavery by brothers who hate him, only to become the small “s” savior of their family, a future nation and all the people of their part of the world. The baby placed in a basket in a river to save his life, only to be fished out of the river by the daughter of a king. He was raised in the home of that king until he kills someone in defense of one of his own people. He then goes on the run, only to return and rescue his birth nation from the king who raise him. Them there’s the prostitute who hides spies in exchange for her life who ends up becoming an ancestor the greatest of earthly kings. How about the young widow who defies the odds and stays with her mother-in-law only to meet her redeemer and become another ancestor of that king and the fact that both these women become ancestors to the King of Kings.

This world is an amazing story and so is your life. Every choice might set us off in a new direction and it will change the arc of our story. it is for this reason that we must make our choices carefully. I don’t understand how it works but the Author gives you free will and yet knows the choices you will make before you make them. The choices we make are still our responsibility, but the Author has told us that He will work in all things for the good of those who love Him who are called according to His purpose. He loves you and knows what’s best. I’m living proof. Everything I have ever faced has brought me to this point. I’m convinced a loving God brought me through, whether through my choices or in some cases in spite of them. Follow Him and love Him.

Your choices make the story. Choose well.

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