The Fine (but Thoroughly Useless) Art of Complaining, Boycotting, etc.

Posted: April 8, 2017 in church art ministry resources
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There’s a lot of complaining in the church about the culture and frankly I have found a lot of it to be counterproductive at best. I think we’ve all gotten the letters telling us which advertisers to boycott because they sponsor a certain show and then usually asking us for money to support that ministry to essentially watch it so we don’t have to. They then launch into extensive campaigns that have often succeeded in drawing attention to otherwise forgettable creations. I remember the PMRC Parents Music Resource Committee (a creation of Al and Tipper Gore) that succeeded in creating the greatest marketing tool in the history of (especially rap) music, The parental advisory label. Translation, massive backfire, drawing attention to often regrettable creations. Sure it helped a couple parents make better music choices for their kids. The problem is, how many parents buy their kids music? My sense is that our cultural complaints have been useless at best.

Here’s the thing. Where did we get the idea that we in the church are called to be culture monitors? That’s not our calling. We’re not here to critique culture. We’re here to create culture—to impact culture—to change the culture. Part of the problem is that too often we have abdicated our call to be world changers, to settle for complaining. What we need to understand is that culture is the way it is, at least in part, because we have abdicated our calling. We are here to glorify God. We’re His ambassadors. If you’re a Christian creative, your calling is to create. We’re not here to complain about the culture, we’re here to reclaim it.

Then of course there is the other side of complaining. Christians who feel they are too cool for school complaining about the quality of the creations of their fellow Christians. This is also extremely counter productive. I always want to say, “At least they’re doing something, at least they’re trying.” If you think the quality of their creations is lacking (and it may be) the better choice is to come along side them and help them out, volunteer, donate, bless them in some way. Spur them on to (more) love and good deeds. Often the reason our creations are lacking has to do with the lack of budget. This is easy enough to fix, the resources our out there, but they’re still in our wallets. Let’s do better. Let’s put our money and our talents where our mouths are. Let’s quit complaining and start creating. We’re here to glorify. Complaining NEVER does that.

Channel your creative energy into making great stuff. Be a part of the solution!

Create a better world! Reclaim the culture.

  1. TBWhittArt says:

    I agree we are not here to be hall monitors but are to help guide the lost into a saving knowledge of Jesus.

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