Archive for March 10, 2017

I seem to have a thing for three piece bands from Canada. I’ve chronicled my appreciation for Rush many times, but there is another three piece band from Canada that has also brought me great joy over the years. Their name is Triumph and they were spectacular. One of my favorite songs is called Magic Power.

“I’m young, I’m wild and I’m free. I’ve got the magic power of the music in me…”

It’s a beautiful song, that starts off very quietly and melodically and builds into a pretty rocking’ anthem. The writer of the song attributes music to be a magic power to help us to overcome. There is truth to this statement. Music does have an almost magical power over our emotions. This week (Lord willing) I’m preaching on our thought lives and why the things that we think and the way we think matters and this song just keeps on floating around in my mind.

I’m not sure what I think about magic powers, but I do know about another kind of power, the power of God. I also believe that He shares some of that power with us through our gifts and talents and in that sense the song writer is correct. There is power for great good (or great evil) in the way we use our talents. He can clearly see that good can be done through the music he creates. What you need to know is the same rules apply to you dear creative. Your God anointed creative work has power to do great good. If you’ve submitted your life and your work to God this should be a given but it also needs to be a focus. We need to do our work with any eye on the Father’s purpose in giving us our gift. We need to be focused on doing work for which He will receive glory. We need to direct our efforts—all our efforts—toward doing good, spurring one another on to love and good deeds.

We have the ability in Christ to provide great encouragement to the world around us. We have the opportunity to create work that might change a person’s day, maybe even a person’s life. It’s more than magic power. It’s the power of God and we need to take that very seriously.

Now let’s go and do some good! In Christ, you have the power.