wpihatYesterday was a great day. About a month ago, my dad came to me saying about how he can’t find anything with the logo of the school he graduated from. My dad earned his living my entire life as a machinist toolmaker. He got his training from a school which was absorbed by Penn State a few months after he graduated (1960) and at that point it more or less ceased to exist. He’s actually a Penn State graduate but he really wished he could have something from the school he actually attended. Well I decided to try to see what I could do. I found a very pixelated copy of the logo online, took it into Photoshop and reproduced it, then through the magic of Zazzle.com, I made it into a hat and a t-shirt. It came out great, I gave it to him yesterday. He said there was probably not another one of these in the world, and I said I guarantee it. He was thrilled, so thrilled, he called me again last night, just to thank me. It was kind of a great moment.

Why do I share this? Because our creative gifts allow us unique opportunities to bless other people. We can generate things that other people may not be able to create. This gives us tremendous power to do good. Sometimes we just need to be paying attention and looking for those opportunities. Who can you bless? Maybe you can do a portrait for a loved one or just a special, well thought out card, for someone whose day needs to be brightened.
There are few things that feel as good as being a blessing. I think that’s why we’re blessed.

What can you do to be a blessing?


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