diplomaWell it finally happened. When I graduated high school, my plan was to go to art school. My parents thought that was a terrible idea. They figured that it would be very hard for me to be successful (they may have been right). Being a bit insecure, I decided to go to school to be an electronics engineer, because the school promised some perks they never delivered and a high salary when I finished. Well at the end of the day, pie in the sky was not enough, I had no aptitude and I flunked out. From that point on I just decided to hustle and lo and behold I actually made my living in the arts for quite a few years and in a sense I still do, though of course now ministry also is a large part of it. I feel like over all I have had a pretty successful life at least in terms of working in my giftedness and having blessed to impact some people in the process. I really feel blessed.

But there was one part of my life that had always been a disappointment. You see I never finished my degree. That part of life always felt like failure because I always knew in the right course of study, it was something I could have done, but never did. Now to be clear had done a lot of course work for the ministry, not to mention a lot of real life experience in both pastoring and itinerant ministry. I had also done a lot of work in developing creative arts ministry, thousands of hours for sure, including having written several books, thousands of blog posts, lessons and other materials. I was all in on this and still no degree.

Then one day I heard about a school offering a degree in creative ministry and I applied. The end result is at 53 years old I have finally earned my degree. This has inspired to me to continue my study to earn a masters of divinity. I know most people have achieved this milestone in their early twenties, but I am just delighted to have gotten there and I look forward, Lord willing, to what comes next.


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